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ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset CPAP Machine Review - AirSense 10 vs 11

Compares ResMed's AirSense 11 and AirSense 10 CPAP machines, detailing their features, similarities, and differences. It concludes that while the AirSense 11 offers newer technology, both machines are effective for sleep apnea treatment, with the choice depending on individual needs and budget.

ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset CPAP Machine is the latest model in the AirSense line, offering upgraded features compared to its predecessor, the ResMed AirSense 10. Both the AirSense 10 and AirSense 11 are top-tier CPAP machines, but the AirSense 11 stands out with its enhanced connectivity and features. For CPAP users who are new to therapy, the AirSense 11 provides a user-friendly experience with its advanced technology. 

The ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP machine stands out as a top choice for sleep apnea therapy. This latest model from ResMed promises to deliver a range of advanced features aimed at improving user comfort and treatment effectiveness. 

One can easily buy the ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset online and enjoy the convenience of at home as well as travel CPAP machine. The AirSense 11 also offers an autoset for her mode, making it suitable for female users. 

AirSense 11 features a modern design with a sleek display at the back of the machine, making it easy to read and operate. Whether you are new to CPAP therapy or a seasoned CPAP user, the AirSense 11 is a versatile auto CPAP machine that caters to your individual needs. 

ResMed continues to innovate and improve its line of CPAP devices, with the introduction of the AirSense 11 model. Building upon the success of the AirSense 10 AutoSet, the new AirSense 11 AutoSet boasts a range of updates and enhancements. This new ResMed device is compatible with most ResMed CPAP masks from other brands, making it a versatile choice for users. The AirSense 11 also features a quieter sound profile compared to its predecessor, the AirSense 10.

What is a CPAP Machine and How Does the ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset Differ?

What is a CPAP Machine?

A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is a medical device designed to treat sleep apnea, a disorder characterized by repeated interruptions in breathing during sleep. The CPAP machine delivers a steady stream of pressurized air through a mask, keeping the airways open and preventing apneas. By maintaining continuous airflow, CPAP therapy ensures that patients receive uninterrupted oxygen throughout the night, improving sleep quality and overall health.

Comparison Table Between ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet vs. ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet

Feature ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
Design and Display Modern, sleek design with a larger, more intuitive touchscreen display Classic design with a standard LCD screen
Algorithm Enhanced AutoSet algorithm with additional features like AutoSet for Her mode and AutoSet Response Standard AutoSet algorithm
Heated Humidifier Integrated HumidAir™ heated humidifier, compatible with ClimateLineAir™ heated tubing Integrated HumidAir™ heated humidifier, compatible with ClimateLineAir™ heated tubing
Therapy Modes AutoSet, CPAP, and AutoSet for Her AutoSet and CPAP
Connectivity Built-in cellular and Bluetooth connectivity for remote monitoring and easy data transfer via the myAir™ app Built-in cellular connectivity for remote monitoring and easy data transfer via the myAir™ app
Ease of Use Touchscreen interface for easy navigation and setting adjustments Standard button controls for navigation and setting adjustments
Noise Level Quiet operation with advanced noise reduction technology Quiet operation
Ramp Features Enhanced AutoRamp™ with sleep onset detection AutoRamp™ with sleep onset detection
Pressure Relief Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™) Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™)
Data Tracking Advanced data tracking and integration with the myAir™ app, offering detailed therapy insights Comprehensive data tracking with integration with the myAir™ app
Setup and Maintenance Quick and easy setup with guided video tutorials available through the myAir™ app Simple setup with user manual instructions
Power Supply Integrated power supply with optional battery backup for uninterrupted therapy during power outages Standard power supply, battery backup not included
Portability Compact and lightweight design, FAA-approved for air travel Compact and lightweight design, FAA-approved for air travel
Additional Features Personal Therapy Assistant (PTA) for guided setup and troubleshooting, Care Check-In feature for personalized feedback Standard setup and troubleshooting guide
Compatibility Compatible with most CPAP masks from ResMed and other brands Compatible with most CPAP masks from ResMed and other brands
Maintenance Reminders Automated reminders for filter replacement and machine maintenance Manual tracking of maintenance schedules
Battery Life Extended battery life with optional battery pack Standard battery life with optional external battery available
Weight Approximately 2.5 pounds Approximately 2.75 pounds
Dimensions 10.21” x 3.72” x 5.45” (L x W x H) 10.04” x 4.57” x 5.91” (L x W x H)
Price Higher price point due to advanced features Lower price point compared to AirSense 11
Ideal For Users looking for the latest in CPAP technology with advanced features and easy-to-use interface Users seeking a reliable, proven CPAP machine with essential features and robust performance


How Does the ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet Differ?

The ResMed AirSense 11 CPAP machine stands out in the market due to its advanced features, modern design, and user-friendly interface. Here's how it differs from standard CPAP machines and its predecessor, the AirSense 10:

1. Enhanced Touchscreen Interface

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Features an intuitive touchscreen interface that simplifies navigation, setup, and access to therapy data. The touchscreen is user-friendly and provides clear instructions, making it easier for patients to manage their therapy.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: Typically have button-operated interfaces that can be less intuitive and more cumbersome to navigate.

2. Advanced AutoSet Algorithm

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Equipped with an enhanced AutoSet algorithm that automatically adjusts the pressure levels based on the patient's breathing patterns. This ensures optimal therapy throughout the night. Additionally, the AirSense 11 includes a “For Her” mode, tailored specifically to the unique needs of female users.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: Often provide a fixed pressure setting that does not adjust automatically, which may not be as effective in responding to varying breathing patterns.

3. Integrated HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Comes with a built-in HumidAir heated humidifier that provides warm, moist air, reducing dryness and irritation in the nasal passages and throat. The humidifier can be adjusted to different humidity levels to suit individual preferences. You can also opt for the AirSense 11 without certain add-ons if you prefer a simpler and more streamlined device.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: Not all have integrated humidifiers, and those that do may not offer the same level of adjustability and comfort.

4. ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tubing

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Features ClimateLineAir heated tubing, which maintains a consistent temperature throughout the tube, preventing condensation and ensuring a comfortable air temperature. This is particularly beneficial in colder climates or air-conditioned environments.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: May not include heated tubing, leading to condensation issues and discomfort.

5. Personal Therapy Assistant and Care Check-In

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Includes a Personal Therapy Assistant feature that provides interactive tutorials and troubleshooting tips through the myAir app. The Care Check-In feature periodically asks for user feedback to personalize and enhance therapy. With the AirSense 11 Auto CPAP, users can enjoy a personalized therapy experience tailored to their breathing patterns.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: Typically do not offer interactive support or personalized feedback features.

6. myAir App Integration

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Offers seamless integration with the myAir app, allowing real-time data tracking, therapy feedback, and remote adjustments by healthcare providers. This enhances the user's ability to monitor and manage their therapy effectively.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: While some offer app connectivity, the integration and user experience are often not as advanced.

7. Quiet Operation

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Operates at a whisper-quiet level, ensuring a peaceful sleep environment for both the user and their bed partner. The advanced noise reduction technology minimizes operational noise.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: May produce more noise, potentially disturbing the user or their partner.

8. FAA-Approved for Travel

  • ResMed AirSense 11: Compact, lightweight, and FAA-approved, making it an excellent choice for users who travel frequently. It ensures continuous therapy without interruption during travel. The AirSense 11 CPAP unit offers a compact and sleek design, making it a stylish addition to your bedside.
  • Standard CPAP Machines: Not all are designed with portability in mind or have FAA approval for use during flights.

Customizing the Machine Settings for Optimal Use

Customizing your CPAP machine settings is essential to ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness in your sleep apnea therapy. The ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP machine offers a variety of adjustable settings that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Here’s a detailed guide on how to customize these settings for the best possible experience:

1. Pressure Settings

  • AutoSet Mode: The AirSense 11 features an AutoSet mode that automatically adjusts the pressure levels throughout the night based on your breathing patterns. This mode is ideal for most users as it ensures optimal pressure delivery.
  • Fixed Pressure CPAP Mode: If your doctor recommends a fixed pressure setting, you can manually set the machine to deliver a consistent pressure throughout the night. This setting is suitable for users who require a specific pressure level.

2. EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief)

  • What it is: EPR reduces the pressure during exhalation, making it easier to breathe out against the machine’s pressure. This feature enhances comfort, especially for new users.
  • How to customize: You can adjust the EPR level to Off, 1, 2, or 3. The higher the setting, the greater the pressure reduction during exhalation. Start with a lower setting and increase it if you find it difficult to exhale.

3. Ramp Time

  • What it is: Ramp time gradually increases the pressure to your prescribed level over a set period, helping you fall asleep more comfortably.
  • How to customize: You can set the ramp time from 5 to 45 minutes or set it to AutoRamp, which detects when you fall asleep and then gradually increases the pressure.

4. Humidity Level

  • What it is: The integrated HumidAir™ heated humidifier provides moist, warm air to prevent dryness and irritation in the nasal passages and throat.
  • How to customize: Adjust the humidity level from 1 to 8, with 8 being the highest humidity. If you experience dryness, increase the humidity level. If you notice condensation in the mask or tubing, decrease the humidity.

5. Climate Control

  • What it is: When using ClimateLineAir™ heated tubing, the Climate Control feature maintains a consistent temperature and humidity level.
  • How to customize: Set Climate Control to Auto for automatic adjustments based on room temperature and humidity, or manually set the tube temperature and humidity level to your preference.

6. Mask Fit

  • What it is: The Mask Fit feature helps you ensure your mask is properly fitted by delivering a burst of air and checking for leaks.
  • How to customize: Use the Mask Fit option before starting therapy to adjust your mask for minimal leaks and maximum comfort. The machine will indicate if the fit is good or if adjustments are needed.

7. SmartStart™

  • What it is: SmartStart™ allows the machine to start automatically when you breathe into the mask and stop when you remove it.
  • How to customize: Enable or disable SmartStart™ based on your preference. This feature can be convenient for users who want a hassle-free start and stop to their therapy.

8. Airplane Mode

  • What it is: Airplane Mode disables wireless communications when traveling by air.
  • How to customize: Enable Airplane Mode in the settings when flying to comply with airline regulations.

9. Data Tracking and myAir App Integration

  • What it is: The ResMed AirSense 11 provides detailed data tracking, which you can review via the myAir app or online platform. This helps monitor therapy effectiveness and adherence.
  • How to customize: Ensure your device is connected to the myAir app. Review your sleep data regularly and share it with your healthcare provider for ongoing adjustments and improvements.

How to Choose the Right CPAP Machine for Your Needs

Selecting the right CPAP machine is crucial for effective sleep apnea therapy. Here are the key factors to consider:

Type of CPAP Machine

  • Standard CPAP: Delivers a fixed pressure throughout the night. Ideal for users who need a consistent airflow.
  • Auto CPAP (APAP): Automatically adjusts the pressure based on your breathing patterns. Suitable for users who need variable pressure.
  • BiPAP: Provides two pressure settings - one for inhalation and a lower one for exhalation. Recommended for users with more complex breathing disorders.

Comfort and Fit

  • Mask Fit: Ensure the mask fits comfortably and securely. A well-fitted mask prevents air leaks and enhances therapy effectiveness.
  • Headgear Comfort: The headgear should be adjustable and comfortable to wear throughout the night.
  • Cushion Material: Choose between silicone, gel, or foam cushions based on your comfort preference.

Noise Level

  • Quiet Operation: Quieter machines are preferable, especially if you share a bed. Look for machines with advanced noise reduction technology.


  • Travel-Friendly: If you travel frequently, opt for a compact and lightweight machine. Consider machines that are FAA-approved for air travel.
  • Integrated Battery: Machines with built-in or optional battery packs are useful for travel and power outages. Portable CPAP batteries ensure that you can use your AirSense 11 even during power outages or while traveling.


  • Heated Humidifier: Helps prevent dryness and irritation by adding moisture to the air. Essential for users prone to nasal dryness.
  • Heated Tubing: Prevents condensation and ensures a consistent air temperature, enhancing comfort.
  • AutoRamp™: Gradually increases the pressure as you fall asleep, providing a gentle start to therapy.
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™): Reduces pressure during exhalation, making it easier to breathe out.
  • Data Tracking: Advanced data tracking features allow you and your healthcare provider to monitor therapy effectiveness.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Look for machines with intuitive controls and displays for easy navigation and setting adjustments.


  • Mask Compatibility: Ensure the CPAP machine is compatible with a wide range of masks from different brands.
  • Humidifier and Tubing Compatibility: Check if the machine is compatible with various humidifiers and tubing options.

Price and Insurance

  • Budget: Consider your budget while selecting a machine. More advanced features typically come at a higher price.
  • Insurance Coverage: Check with your insurance provider to see what machines and features are covered under your plan.

Customer Support and Warranty

  • Support: Choose a brand with reliable customer support for troubleshooting and assistance.
  • Warranty: Look for machines with a good warranty period to ensure long-term support and coverage.

Tips for First-Time CPAP Users and Making the Most of Your Therapy

Starting CPAP therapy can be a significant adjustment, but with the right approach and mindset, you can maximize the benefits and ensure a comfortable experience. Here are some tips for first-time CPAP users to help you make the most of your therapy:

Get the Right Equipment

  • Consult with Your Doctor: Ensure that your CPAP machine and mask are suitable for your specific needs and prescribed by a healthcare professional.
  • Choose the Right Mask: There are different types of CPAP masks; nasal, nasal pillow, and full face. Select one that fits comfortably and meets your therapy requirements.

Gradual Adjustment

  • Start Slow: Wear your mask and use your machine for short periods while awake to get used to the sensation.
  • Increase Usage Gradually: Gradually increase the duration you use the machine each night until you can comfortably wear it throughout the night.

Ensure Proper Fit

  • Avoid Leaks: A properly fitted mask should not have significant air leaks. Adjust the straps and headgear for a snug fit.
  • Comfortable Fit: The mask should be comfortable and not cause pressure sores or discomfort. Try different mask types and sizes if necessary.

Maintain Hygiene

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean your mask, tubing, and humidifier chamber daily to prevent the buildup of bacteria and ensure optimal performance.
  • Replace Parts: Replace the mask cushion, filters, and other parts as recommended to maintain hygiene and functionality.

Use Humidification

  • Prevent Dryness: Use the built-in humidifier or a separate humidification unit to add moisture to the air, preventing dryness and irritation in your nasal passages and throat.
  • Adjust Humidity Levels: Find the right humidity level for your comfort. Too much humidity can cause condensation, while too little can cause dryness.

Optimize Comfort Settings

  • Ramp Time: Utilize the ramp feature that gradually increases air pressure, helping you fall asleep more comfortably.
  • EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief): Use EPR to reduce the air pressure when you exhale, making breathing easier and more natural.

Monitor Your Progress

  • Track Your Data: Use the data tracking features of your CPAP machine or the myAir app to monitor your therapy progress.
  • Review with Your Doctor: Regularly review your therapy data with your healthcare provider to make necessary adjustments and improve effectiveness.

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment

  • Consistent Sleep Schedule: Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to establish a consistent sleep pattern.
  • Comfortable Sleep Setting: Ensure your bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool to create a conducive sleep environment.

Stay Motivated

  • Understand the Benefits: Remember that CPAP therapy can significantly improve your quality of life by reducing symptoms of sleep apnea, such as daytime sleepiness and snoring.
  • Join Support Groups: Connect with other CPAP users through support groups or online forums to share experiences and tips.

Seek Support

  • Professional Guidance: Don’t hesitate to seek help from your healthcare provider or a CPAP specialist if you encounter problems or have questions.
  • Family and Friends: Inform your family about your therapy so they can provide support and encouragement.


In conclusion, the ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet stands out as a highly advanced CPAP machine designed to provide optimal therapy for sleep apnea patients. Choosing the right first machine is crucial, and the AirSense 11 provides a smooth transition into CPAP therapy. The AirSense 11 AutoSet is compatible with a wide range of CPAP masks, making it a versatile choice for users. 

As an upgrade from the AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™, it brings a host of innovative features that enhance user comfort and therapy effectiveness. The AirSense 10 machine has long been favored for its reliability and user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice for those new to CPAP therapy. However, the AirSense 11 takes these benefits to the next level, making it an ideal first CPAP machine for many users.

One of the standout features of the AirSense 11 AutoSet is its sound. The machine produces minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful sleep environment for both the user and their partner. This is a significant improvement over many older models, making it a quiet companion in the bedroom. The default machine settings are easy to navigate, allowing even first-time users to set up their therapy with confidence. Additionally, the machine has an integrated humidifier that works seamlessly with the AirSense 11 tubing to provide consistent moisture and prevent dryness, further enhancing comfort during use.

Overall, the ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet is a state-of-the-art CPAP machine that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features.