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Buy Full Face CPAP Masks for Better Sleep | Order Your Supplies

Full Face CPAP Mask

Explore our comprehensive collection of full face CPAP masks designed to provide optimal comfort and effectiveness during sleep therapy. Whether you're a seasoned CPAP user or just beginning your sleep therapy journey, our carefully curated selection ensures that you find the ideal full face mask to suit your individual needs. From innovative designs to enhanced features, our range offers a... Read More

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Shop Our Full Face Mask For Sale

Benefits of Full Face Masks 


  • Effective for mouth breathers: Full face masks ensure proper airflow even if you breathe through your mouth while sleeping. 
  • Comfortable design: Many full face masks come with soft, breathable cushions that minimize pressure points and skin irritation. 
  • Leak prevention: A well-fitted full face mask creates a reliable seal, reducing air leaks and optimizing therapy. 
  • Accommodates high pressure: Full face masks are suitable for use with high CPAP pressure settings. 
  • Reduced mouth dryness: By delivering air through both nose and mouth, full face masks can help prevent dryness in the mouth and throat. 

How to Choose the Right Mask For You? 


1. Fit and Comfort 


A proper fit is essential for both effectiveness and comfort. Look for masks with adjustable straps and ergonomic designs to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. Consider additional features such as cushioning and padding for prolonged wear. 


2. Durability and Material 


Evaluate the materials used in the mask's construction. Durable materials ensure longevity and reliability. For example, masks with high-grade silicone or rubber components are often more resilient in challenging conditions. 


3. Ease of Maintenance 


Check the maintenance requirements of the mask. Some masks are easy to disassemble and clean, while others may have specific care instructions. Regular maintenance is crucial to extend the life of your mask and ensure its effectiveness. 


4. Style Preferences 


While safety is the top priority, personal style matters too. Our collection includes masks with different designs and colors, allowing you to express your personality without compromising on protection. 


5. Certifications and Standards 


Ensure that the mask complies with relevant certifications and standards. This is especially important for masks used in healthcare or industrial settings, where specific regulations must be met. 


Different Variations in Full-Face CPAP Masks 


Full face masks come in a variety of designs to cater to different preferences and needs. Here's a breakdown of the most common variations: 


1. Classic Full Face Mask: 


  • Design: This is the most common and easiest to fit type. It features a triangular-shaped cushion that covers the nose, mouth, and bridge of the nose. A vertical support bar with a forehead pad rests between the eyes for stability and leak prevention. 
  • Benefits: Provides a secure seal and works well for most sleep apnea patients. 
  • Examples: ResMed Mirage series, Respironics ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask. 

2. Open Field of View CPAP Full Face Mask: 


  • Design: This mask eliminates the vertical bar and forehead pad, offering a more open feel. It still covers the nose and mouth but allows for unobstructed vision and easier use with glasses. 
  • Benefits: Ideal for claustrophobic individuals and those who wear glasses while sleeping. 
  • Examples: ResMed Quattro Fx, RESMED AIRTOUCH™ F20. 

3. Minimalist Full Face Mask: 


  • Design: This ultra-compact style features a cushion that sits under the nostrils and over the mouth, completely occluding the nostrils. It offers maximum freedom of movement with minimal facial contact. 
  • Considerations: May not be suitable for high CPAP pressure settings and might require a more precise fitting. 
  • Examples: Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask, RESMED AIRFIT™ F30, Fisher & Paykel Oracel (with nostrils open). 

4. Emerging Mask Designs: 


  • Full Coverage Mask (Respironics FitLife): This mask offers a completely transparent design, covering the forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth. It provides a unique solution for those with sensitive nasal areas. 
  • Cloth Full Face Mask (Circadence Anew): Made from soft cloth, this mask caters to individuals with silicone sensitivity. 

Why Choose Order Your Supplies for Your Full Face CPAP Mask Needs? 


At Order Your Supplies, we understand the importance of a comfortable and effective CPAP mask for a good night's sleep and successful sleep apnea therapy. Here's why choosing us for your full face mask needs is the right decision: 

  • Variety & Expertise: We offer a wide selection of full face masks from top brands, ensuring you find the perfect fit and features for your individual needs. Our knowledgeable customer support team is also happy to answer your questions and guide you through the selection process. 
  • Convenience & Affordability: Enjoy the ease of ordering your full face CPAP mask online with fast and reliable shipping. We also offer competitive prices and frequently run promotions to make your CPAP therapy more accessible. 
  • Quality & Support: We only carry high-quality, brand-name masks from trusted manufacturers. Additionally, we prioritize your satisfaction and offer ongoing support, including resources and educational materials about CPAP therapy and mask care.


Who Gets Benefits from a Full-Face Mask?
Full-face masks are beneficial for individuals who breathe through their mouth during sleep or those with nasal obstructions, making nasal or nasal pillow masks less suitable. Additionally, people who experience frequent air leaks or struggle with keeping their mouth closed while using a CPAP machine can benefit from the comprehensive coverage provided by a full-face mask.
How Effective are Full-Face Masks?
Full-face masks are highly effective for individuals who require continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, especially those who breathe through both their nose and mouth during sleep. These masks create a seal around the nose and mouth, ensuring that the prescribed air pressure is delivered effectively, minimizing air leaks and enhancing therapy effectiveness. The effectiveness of a full-face mask also depends on proper sizing, fit, and individual comfort.
What Is The Best Full Face CPAP Mask for You?
The best full-face CPAP mask varies from person to person based on individual preferences, facial structure, and comfort. It's essential to consider factors such as mask fit, comfort, ease of use, and any specific features that cater to personal needs when selecting the best full-face CPAP mask for an individual. Consulting with a healthcare professional or CPAP supplier can provide valuable guidance in making this decision.
Are full face CPAP masks comfortable to wear, especially for side sleepers?
Full face CPAP masks can be comfortable for individuals, including side sleepers, who require coverage for both the nose and mouth. It's essential to find the right fit and adjust the straps properly to minimize leaks and ensure a secure and comfortable seal throughout the night.
How do I know if a full face CPAP mask is the right choice for me?
If you tend to breathe through your mouth during sleep, experience nasal congestion, or require higher CPAP pressures, a full face CPAP mask may be a suitable option. Consult with your healthcare provider or CPAP supplier to determine the best mask style based on your individual needs and comfort preferences.
Can I use a full face CPAP mask if I have facial hair?
Having facial hair may affect the seal and effectiveness of a full face CPAP mask. It's recommended to maintain a properly trimmed beard or mustache to optimize the mask seal and ensure efficient delivery of pressurized air. Consider using mask liners or cushions for better comfort and seal if necessary.
How often should I replace the components of a full face CPAP mask?
It's important to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for replacing various components of the full face CPAP mask, such as the cushion, headgear, and straps. Regular replacement helps maintain hygiene, seal integrity, and overall performance of the mask in delivering CPAP therapy effectively.
Are there any tips for preventing mask leaks and ensuring a proper fit with a full face CPAP mask?
To minimize mask leaks and ensure a proper fit with a full face CPAP mask, make sure the mask is adjusted securely but not too tight. Ensure that the mask cushion is clean and in good condition, and adjust the headgear straps for a snug yet comfortable fit. Try different adjustments and positioning to find the optimal seal for your individual comfort and therapy needs.
How do I ensure a proper fit for a full face CPAP mask to maximize its effectiveness?
Achieving a proper fit with a full face CPAP mask is essential for optimal therapy delivery. Adjust the headgear straps to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit without over-tightening. Position the mask on your face so that the cushion seals securely over your nose and mouth, minimizing leaks. Regularly assess and readjust the fit as needed for consistent and effective CPAP therapy.
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