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ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face CPAP Mask

Millions of women experience sleep apnea, a condition that disrupts sleep and leaves you feeling exhausted. For a comfortable and effective solution, consider the AirTouch F20 for Her Complete Mask System by ResMed.

Product Highlights:

  • AirTouch F20 for Her UltraSoft Memory Foam Cushion: This innovative cushion provides a personalized fit that gently conforms to your face for ultimate comfort, eliminating the need for nightly cleaning.
  • QuietAir Vent: Sleep soundly without disturbing your bed partner. The QuietAir vent minimizes noise for a peaceful sleep environment.
  • Magnetic Headgear: Enjoy a secure and comfortable fit with the easy-to-use magnetic headgear.
  • Quick Release Elbow: Move freely in your sleep without the hassle of removing the mask entirely.
  • For Her Design: This ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask comes in smaller sizes and features stylish lavender accents, making it perfect for women.

Key Notes!

  • Made from high-quality materials and compatible with a range of CPAP devices.
  • Includes a 90-day warranty for peace of mind.
  • Part of the ResMed CPAP masks collection, which offers other great options like the compact and lightweight Wisp mask.


When searching for CPAP masks on Amazon, don't miss out on the ResMed CPAP Mask Amazon selection, including the AirTouch F20 Complete System. Experience the comfort of the AirTouch F20 Cushion for yourself.

Don't wait another night! Order your AirTouch F20 for Her today and experience the comfort and restful sleep you deserve.

Wake up refreshed. Breathe easy. Choose the AirTouch F20 for Her from the selection of perfect CPAP Full Face Mask Amazon.

Related parts
Manufacturer ResMed
Mask Type Full Face
Warranty 90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection Front of the face
FitPack Available No
TV Friendly Yes
Claustrophobic Yes
Glasses Friendly No
Color Gray, Pink
HCPCS Codes A7030
Model 63003, 63004
Mouth Breather Yes
Active Sleeper Yes
Stomach Sleeper No
Facial Hair No
Headgear Clips And Type Yes, magnetic clips
Headgear Size With Mask Small (For Her)
Other Headgear Sizes Available No
Other Headgear Styles Available No
Reduces Claustrophobia No
Q: I have a small face size, will the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her provide a snug and comfortable fit without gaps?

A: The AirTouch F20 for Her offers a range of sizes, including smaller options, to ensure a secure and customized fit for users with petite facial dimensions.

Q: I prefer a mask that allows me to wear makeup before bedtime, how does the AirTouch F20 for Her accommodate this preference?

A: The AirTouch F20 for Her's UltraSoft memory foam cushion is gentle on the skin and minimizes makeup smudging, allowing users to maintain their nighttime skincare routines.

Q: Can I use the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her if I have a history of skin allergies or sensitivities?

A: The hypoallergenic UltraSoft memory foam cushion of the AirTouch F20 for Her is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and irritations.

Q: I am a side sleeper, will the AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face CPAP Mask stay securely in place throughout the night?

A: The stability and flexibility of the AirTouch F20 for Her's design help it maintain a secure seal even for active sleepers, ensuring uninterrupted therapy during side sleeping.

Q: How does the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her address the issue of mask noise during CPAP therapy, especially for light sleepers?

A: The AirTouch F20 for Her is engineered for quiet operation, minimizing noise disruptions during sleep and providing a peaceful environment for light sleepers.

Q: I travel frequently for work, can the AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face CPAP Mask be easily disassembled and packed for trips?

A: The AirTouch F20 for Her features a user-friendly design that allows for easy disassembly and compact packing, making it convenient for travel and on-the-go use.

Q: Are there any specific cleaning instructions or products recommended for maintaining the UltraSoft memory foam cushion of the AirTouch F20 for Her?

A: Users can follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning the UltraSoft memory foam cushion, and mild, fragrance-free soap or CPAP mask wipes are typically recommended for maintenance.

Q: How can I ensure that the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face CPAP Mask is the right choice for me before making a purchase?

A: Many CPAP suppliers offer fittings or trials for the AirTouch F20 for Her, allowing users to test the mask's fit, comfort, and performance before committing to a purchase.

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What makes the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face CPAP Mask unique?
The AirTouch f20 for her is uniquely designed with an UltraSoft memory foam cushion, providing a soft and comfortable seal for a more pleasant sleep apnea treatment experience. This wisp sleep apnea mask offers a tailored fit for women, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.
How often should the UltraSoft memory foam cushion be replaced?
The UltraSoft memory foam cushion should be disposed of and replaced every 30 days, simplifying the cleaning process with no need for soap and water. Regular replacement ensures a hygienic and effective seal for your AirTouch f20 for her complete mask system.
Does the purchase of the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face CPAP Mask include the headgear or mask frame system?
No, the purchase of the AirTouch f20 for her includes only the full-face cushion and does not include the headgear or mask frame system. To obtain the AirTouch f20 complete system, you'll need to purchase the cushion, headgear, and frame separately or as a package.
What are the cleaning recommendations for the UltraSoft memory foam cushion?
The cushion should be wiped with a CPAP wipe or equivalent and allowed to dry. It is important not to get the cushion wet, and it is recommended to be replaced monthly for optimal hygiene and performance in your ResMed CPAP mask amazon.
Is a prescription required for the complete mask system?
Yes, a prescription is required for the complete mask system, including the headgear and mask frame. This ensures that you receive the appropriate sizing and therapy settings for your sleep apnea treatment needs.
What sizes are available for the AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face Mask Cushion?
The AirTouch f20 for her Full Face Mask Cushion is available in various sizes, including small, medium, and large, allowing users to find the right cushion size for their face shape. Proper sizing is crucial for optimal comfort and seal with these ResMed CPAP masks.
Can the AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face Mask be used at high pressures?
Yes, the AirTouch f20 complete system is designed to provide a secure and breathable seal even at high pressures, making it suitable for users with varying therapy needs. This versatility ensures effective treatment for a range of sleep apnea severities.
How does the AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face Mask cater to users with sensitive skin?
The AirTouch f20 for her Full Face Mask is designed to reduce facial markings and skin irritation, featuring plush, permeable foam that creates a natural, breathable seal, making it ideal for those with skin sensitivities. This thoughtful design ensures comfort and prevents irritation for sensitive skin types.