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Shop ResMed's Nasal Pillows for CPAP Therapy

ResMed Nasal Pillows

Embark on your journey to restful nights with our carefully curated range of ResMed Nasal Pillows Masks. This exclusive collection is designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals who prefer a minimalistic design with less facial coverage, and those who primarily breathe through their nose during sleep. Improve your sleep quality and embrace a more personalized... Read More

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What are ResMed Nasal Pillows?
ResMed Nasal Pillows are a type of CPAP mask that provides therapy by delivering pressurized air through small, soft, cushioned inserts that sit at the entrance of the nostrils. These pillow-like inserts create a seal and do not cover the entire nose or mouth, making them a less intrusive option for CPAP therapy.
Who are ResMed Nasal Pillows best suited for?
ResMed Nasal Pillows are best suited for individuals who prefer a minimalistic design with less facial coverage, tend to feel claustrophobic or restricted with traditional CPAP masks, and primarily breathe through their nose during sleep. They are also suitable for those with facial hair, as the nasal pillows seal inside the nostrils to easily accommodate many beard and mustache styles.
How do I choose the right size for my ResMed Nasal Pillows?
The AirFit P30i Standard Starter Pack comes with three nasal pillow cushion sizes - small, medium, and large. The AirFit P30i Small Starter Pack comes with two nasal pillow cushion sizes - small and medium. This allows the patient to try different pillow sizes and pick which one is most comfortable.
How do I clean my ResMed Nasal Pillows?
Patients using a nasal pillows mask should disassemble the pillows from the frame. Thoroughly handwash the separated mask components (excluding headgear and soft sleeves) by gently rubbing in warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry.
How do I adjust my ResMed Nasal Pillows for a comfortable fit?
You may need to adjust your CPAP nasal pillows mask to get a comfortable fit. This can be done by gently pulling the mask away from your face to allow the cushion to inflate, then reseating it for a comfortable and secure fit.
What are some popular ResMed Nasal Pillows models?
The ResMed AirFit P10 and AirFit P30i are popular models of ResMed Nasal Pillows. The AirFit P10 is known for being lightweight and quiet, while the AirFit P30i features a top-of-head hose connection and minimal facial contact, making it an ideal choice for those who frequently move during sleep or prefer a less obtrusive mask design.
Can I use ResMed Nasal Pillows if I have nasal allergies?
Yes, nasal pillow CPAP masks can be worn by individuals with nasal allergies. However, if you experience excessive congestion or difficulty breathing through your nose, you may need to consider other types of masks.
Are ResMed Nasal Pillows suitable for side sleepers?
Yes, ResMed Nasal Pillows are suitable for side sleepers. Their design features small cushions that seal just inside of the nostrils, providing direct airflow and reducing the chances of leaks caused by movements and position changes.
How do ResMed Nasal Pillows compare to other types of CPAP masks?
ResMed Nasal Pillows rest at the entrance of your nostrils, providing a less intrusive option for CPAP therapy compared to nasal masks that cover the nose or full face masks that cover the nose and mouth. The mask type that best suits you depends greatly on personal needs and preferences, such as your facial anatomy, whether or not you're claustrophobic, and more.
What setting should I choose on my PAP machine when using ResMed Nasal Pillows?
When using ResMed Nasal Pillows such as the AirFit P30i, you should select the 'pillows' setting on your AirSense, AirCurve, or S9 PAP machine.
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