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Key Features

  • Top-of-the-Head Connection for greater freedom of movement
  • Open-Face Design allows for an unobstructed view to read, watch TV and wear glasses
  • Magnetic Clips simplifies mask fitting and adjustments
  • Pliable Silicone Frame conforms to the face for a soft yet secure fit
  • Compatible with All CPAP Machines except the ResMed AirMini
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Philips DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask

The Philips DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask is designed to provide a comfortable and effective solution for individuals undergoing CPAP therapy. With its innovative design and focus on user comfort, this mask aims to enhance the overall sleep experience for those with sleep apnea or other breathing-related issues.


  • Innovative Nasal Design: Experience unparalleled comfort with the Philips DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask. Its innovative nasal cushion design provides a secure and comfortable seal, ensuring effective therapy without sacrificing comfort during sleep.
  • Unique Frame Design: The DreamWisp mask features a unique frame design that allows freedom of movement during sleep. The frame's minimalistic design reduces contact with the face, promoting comfort and eliminating pressure points for a more restful night's sleep.
  • Easy-to-Use Magnetic Clips: Say goodbye to cumbersome clips and straps with the DreamWisp's magnetic clips. These easy-to-use clips allow for quick and hassle-free assembly, making it effortless to put on and take off the mask.
  • Whisper-Quiet Performance: Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with the DreamWisp's whisper-quiet performance. Its innovative airflow technology ensures minimal noise, allowing you and your partner to sleep undisturbed throughout the night.
  • Versatile Fit and Compatibility: The DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask is designed to fit a wide range of facial profiles and is compatible with various CPAP machines, making it an ideal choice for both new and experienced CPAP users seeking comfort and effectiveness in their therapy.


Experience restful nights and revitalized mornings with the Philips DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask.

Related parts
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
Mask Type Nasal
Warranty 90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection Top of the head
FitPack Available Yes
TV Friendly Yes
Claustrophobic No
Glasses Friendly Yes
Color Clear, Gray
HCPCS Codes A7034, A7035
Model 1137916, 1137932, 1137933, 1137934, 1137935, 1137936
Mouth Breather Yes
Designed For Her No
Active Sleeper Yes
Stomach Sleeper Yes
Facial Hair No
Headgear Clips And Type Yes, magnetic clips
Headgear Size With Mask Standard
Other Headgear Sizes Available Yes, Small and Large
Other Headgear Styles Available No
Reduces Claustrophobia Yes

DreamWisp Nasal Mask FitPack 1137916 includes:

  • Cushions: S, M, L
  • Headgear (Standard)
  • Frame Connector (Medium)
  • Frame (one size)
  • Magnetic Headgear Clips (one pair)
  • Fabric Wraps (one pair)
  • User Instructions

DreamWisp mask in a selected size includes:

  • Frame Connector (Medium)
  • Frame (one size)
  • Headgear (Standard)
  • Cushion of the selected size
  • Fabric Wraps (one pair)
  • Magnetic Headgear Clips (one pair)
  • User Instructions

The DreamWisp is dishwasher safe. Use a mild detergent and do not use the drying cycle. Allow the parts to air dry away from direct sunlight. Please do not put the fabric headgear in the dishwasher.

Q: What mask does the Philips DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask replace?

A: The DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask is a unique design and is not intended to replace any specific Philips mask in their product line.

Q: How does the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask help me sleep comfortably?

A: The DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask is designed to provide minimal contact and comfort, allowing users to sleep comfortably even when changing positions during the night.

Q: Is the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask suitable for patients with sleep apnea?

A: Yes, the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask is suitable for patients with sleep apnea and those requiring non-invasive ventilation.

Q: What is the design feature that sets the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask apart from other masks?

A: The DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask combines the top-of-the-head tube design of DreamWear with the minimal contact nasal feature of Wisp for a comfortable and effective fit.

Q: Can I purchase the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask online?

A: Yes, the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask is available for purchase online through various retailers.

Q: Does the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask come with different sizes for a personalized fit?

A: The DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask typically offers different sizes to ensure users can find the best fit for their comfort and effectiveness.

Q: What is the price range of the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask?

A: The price of the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask may vary, but it generally falls within a reasonable range for CPAP masks.

Q: Are there any specific cleaning instructions for maintaining the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask?

A: It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning the DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask regularly to ensure proper hygiene and longevity of the mask.

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