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Registered Respiratory Therapist | CPAP Specialist

Dr. Suzanne Fox, MD


  • MD From University of Chicago


Dr. Suzanne Fox is an experienced pulmonologist specializing in respiratory therapy, with a deep focus on treating obstructive sleep apnea using CPAP systems. She earned her medical degree from the University of Chicago and has spent the past fifteen years helping patients overcome sleep-related breathing disorders. Dr. Fox is certified by the American Board of Pulmonary Medicine and is an active member of the Sleep Research Society.

At OYS, Dr. Fox leverages her clinical experience to offer practical advice on CPAP usage, aiming to improve patient comfort and adherence to therapy. Her approach emphasizes the integration of lifestyle changes with technology to enhance the efficacy of sleep therapy. She is passionate about innovating new ways to simplify the use of CPAP machines for patients, making therapy more accessible and less intimidating.

Dr. Fox's expertise is not only reflected through her patient care but also through her involvement in CPAP product development, where she consults on ergonomic design to enhance user experience. Outside of her professional life, Dr. Fox is an avid runner and coffee enthusiast, which she believes are essential for keeping up with her busy schedule and maintaining her own well-being.


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